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Shanghai Yueqi Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Yueqi Mould's Advantage

来源 : 作者 : yueqi 发布日期 : 2014-08-21
核心提示 : Yueqi Mould's Advantage


1. We have rich experience in rotational moulding processing, professional in the aluminum moulds and rotational moulding products.

2. We can offer the whole system services, from product & mould design to the finished plastic products.

3. Our experienced and professional technical design team uses advanced CAM software (like UG, Solidworks, Auto CAD , Pro/E) to translate your ideas, pictures, drawings and prototypes into high quality, accurate molds with no pinholes at all-ensuring that the end product has uniform wall thickness and smooth surface. Full design, manufacturing process control rotational mould, CNC machining allows us to efficiently, durability complete rotational mould.

4. High-efficiency lead time-Generally speaking, we can finish one mould and the first sample in around 30 days. Even much shorter for the smaller projects.

5. OEM: We have high –tech equipments in mould workshop, such as rotational equipment, Rock and Roll, Pulveriser and so on.

6. Low-cost product assembly-the company is willing to help domestic and foreign customers who have their products assembled in our factory, to obtain a competitive advantage.

7. Base on rich experience in making multitudinous rotomoulding projects, our engineers can give you accurate suggestion during the product design, to meet their prospective functions.